Soli-Breakfast // Soli-Frühstück


10:00 - 12:30


Universität Bielefeld Café Exil C1-168
Universitätsstr. 25, Bielefeld


Free Soli-Breakfast (every monday in lecture-time) //
Kostenfreies Soli-Frühstück (jeden Montag in der Vorlesungszeit)

We have been weekly offering breakfast for all students and workers in our university ans everyone who want to join. In the beginning, it was a hope yeasting our small room based on self-sufficiency, then it very became an alternative to mainstream consumption. Now we’re near to end of this semester. Some friends of Cafe will be graduating and new friends will maintain this hope. We call firstly our international friends to resume our alternatives. Do come to Cafe, freely organize whatever you wish.