Second Migration. From Afghanistan to Iran to Europe





From Soviet occupation in 1979 up to now, Afghan people have experienced biggest displacement in and out of their borders. During the 1980s, more than 5 million Afghan refugees moved  toward Pakistan and Iran. In recent years, the global number of Afghan refugees increased remarkably.  Among the large number of Afghan migrants arriving in EU countries, the majority departed from Iran, where they lived there as refugee .


What are the causes for Afghan’s second migration despite long-term inhabitancy in Iran?



This question will be tackled on the Red Mondy aka. ‘RoMo’ on the 1st of July. Atefeh, a PhD student working on migration-issues, will hold her short lecture on this issue followed up by a discussion.

See you then !




The event will be in English, no entry fees required

A presentation organized by the Anti Racism AG