20:00 - 23:30


Bunker Ulmenwall
Kreuzstraße 0, Bielefeld


Am Samstag, den 14.12. findet das letzte QueerLaut Konzert in diesem Jahr statt.
Es treten Strip Down (Electro-Pop) und die Band Rules of this game (Electro-Punk-Rock) auf.
The Berlin-based solo artist Strip Down has been passionately producing punchy electro synth-pop.
Having taken a break while their voice was in transition, Strip Down’s debut album Remakings has
been a long time in the making; some songs were written as early as 2013. Intricately produced and
deeply reflective, recordings of the artist’s past and present voices are combined to form a duet,
resulting in a concept album of pumping, synth-driven tracks with vocals that reflect the artist’s
personal evolutionary journey.
Einlass ab 20 Uhr!
Im Anschluss an das Konzert findet ab 23 Uhr die Queer Up Your Life Party statt.